What I Didn’t Like About Spy2Mobile (Con’s)

I thought I would cover a couple of the things that did disappoint me about this software. Now I’m being very picky but for the sake of this spy2mobile review I feel you need to understand what it was that let me down and not just all the good stuff.

The things below are just a couple of things that I personally didn’t like but you may not find these things to be a problem or an issue at all. See below for the short list.

  • Not being able to listen in live to calls was a little bit disappointing it really didn’t matter to much to me at the time but I’m sure this will annoy some.
  • Not being able to access face book messages and accounts was also a feature that would have been really handy especially when it came to monitoring my kids.

Overall the software is excellent and as you can see from the two things that I listed above there really wasn’t that much that disappointed me at all. These things have been an issue for me but may not be a problem for you. I really suggest you check it out fro yourself as it’s a really good software overall for the very cheap price they ask. But as you are aware after trying the new Highster Mobile which cover both of these features I would now recommend using that one instead.

Also it’s worth noting that since the release of Highster Mobile and some others the support and a few other features have dropped off from working using the Spy2Mobile software. Like I said check out Highster Mobile Here and decide for yourself.