Installation of Spy2Mobile

Here I will run through the installation process for the cell spy app Spy2Mobile. I have always found the very best way to explain something is to show you. So I have uploaded the installation video on how to install Spy2mobile and I will also include a number of other video’s on how to use the software and some of the features.

I will also include the spy2mobile installation video where you will see how to install this cell spy app onto a cell phone that needs to be rooted. This is normally a real problem for many people so take not in how this is done. Most software out there will have the rooting needed to be done like Highster Mobile but some like Mspy no longer require this to be done. You can read a review on highster Mobile here.

So to kick off with lets take a look at the basic and main installation video. This video is important if you were to watch only one video from the ones below I would chose this one which is the bread and butter on how to install spy2mobile onto a device.

Now in the next Spy2mobile video I will give you a complete look over and an overview of the dashboard and the options when you get in to check the data that spy2mobile has collected.

Okay now you are getting somewhere, in the next spy2mobile video you will see how the location and map settings are set up for optimal GPS tracking abilities. The Spy2mobile GPS tracking feature is one of the very best and I found this to be the most handy of all of the features available.

Next is the Spy2mobile account settings, GEO targeting, fences and report.

Then you have the video on tack settings which you may not think so but I found this important and something I needed to play with.

Finally the video that I’m sure will help a lot of people that before this had given up. This is the installation process for installing Spy2mobile on a rooted phone. This is a new video because it is so needed.

So I do hope that the above video’s on how to install spy2mobile have been helpful. You also got to see inside the dashboard area and how to configure all the necessary settings to ensure that spy2mobile works at it’s best.

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