Spy2Mobile – Software Features

Hello again in this part of the Spy2mobile review I thought it would be quiet useful to know what features you get when you download the spy2mobile software.

Spy2mobile – Does Spy2mobile Really Work?

It is packed with features that will make getting to the truth and help you keep track of your partner, spouse or children a lot easier. This software benefits all type of people and situations and to read more about this click here

It’s like having your own private detective and remember every part of this software is completely undetectable. It constantly sends you the information that it has collected to your personal account page and is in real time. Unlike a private detective Spy2mobile won’t cost you an arm and leg to use it plus it will work for you 24 hours a day 7 days per week.

See below for the full list of features that comes with this cell spy software:

  • Call Spying – You can record and access every conversation and call that is made or received by the target phone. This is one of the most popular features that comes with this software.
  • Sms Spying – You can read all sms messages that are sent or received by the target phone and access the details of the messages from your own private account.
  • GPS Tracking – Another very popular feature is the GPS tracker which enables you to track the target phones location and see it’s exact location on a detailed Google map. The GPS tracker tracks in real time and is very accurate which makes it also very popular. This feature was one of my favorites and it would help me locate my children’s whereabouts very quickly and make sure they were where they were meant to be.
  • Contact Spying – Check on the target phones contact list’s including all the details like name, phone number, email addresses and any other information that is stored on the target phone about each contact.
  • Call History – See exactly who has been called and who has called the target phone including information like call time, call length and much much more.
  • What’s App – This feature enables you to see what websites that have been visited including the duration on each site. You can also see what apps have been downloaded onto the target phone.
  • Anti Theft – There is a new feature that has just been added to the spy2mobile software and that the very popular anti theft app.

So as you can see from the list above and the brief description on each one, spy2 mobile is packed with great features which makes getting to the truth a whole lot easier.

Spy2Mobile will remain completely undetectable while all these features are running and does not diminish the target phones battery life either.

Check out a video which is a complete comparison review on all of the top cell spy apps. So before you decide to grab Spy2mobile consider watching the video below and checking them out.

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