About Me

Spy2Mobile Site AuthorHello and welcome to the about me page on this Spy2Mobile review site. I thought that it would be important when taking someone else’s advice it’s always nice to know a little more about that person.

So here I will give you a quick rundown on myself and my background.

To kick off with my name is Mark Wightley, I’m a 38 year old father of 4 lovely children from NSW Australia. (So GDAY Mate). So seriously I live in a city called Newcastle and work as a proof reader and article writer so I try to put my love of writing to good use by creating reviews on product that I have used or personally know that work.

I guess there was a few reasons I wrote this review firstly when I did find out about the cell spy software I was pissed off at the lack of truthful reviews out there and what little information I was getting. Especially since all the software I could find seemed very similar but were so different in price for some reason.

So I thought I would right an honest review from a person who has actually used spy2mobile. The reason I need to get spy2mobile was mainly because of my kids. In this day and age with technology, facebook, social media and many other reason my wife and I wanted to track what they were doing online.

This used to be easy but now with all cell phone being a potable computer it makes keeping track of their activities extremely hard. What pushed me to start researching them and buying some to try was some of the people my 16 year old daughter at the time was hanging around and some of the things I was being told.

So the next thing you know we had purchased a few dud cell spy software’s and eventually ended up on Spy2mobile which was perfect for what we needed. Now I must say that I no longer use Spy2mobile because I have recently starting using the Highster Mobile cell spy app which is far better and far cheaper than Spy2mobile.

Listen I could go on and on about how many time the Spy2mobile software has come in handy and actually almost been a life saver for myself and my wife.

As a parent or just someone who wants to discover the truth and find out what’s going on behind there back I suggest you try Highster Mobile or Spy2mobile.

Read the full review here or go straight to the official Highster Mobile Site Here…